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Historic Downtown Murrieta on the up!


Buyers are always looking for the next booming area.  Look no further than our own Historic Downtown area.  With new places such as Downtown Pub, and Weins coming to town the price of homes and property only looks to be going up.  I moved to the Temecula area in 1989 and feel like deja vu is happening all over again.  Old town Temecula wasn’t always how it is today.  It took several business coming in showing that it could make it before the flood gates opened.  That’s what’s going on in Historic Downtown.  The Mill Restaurant has been a staple of that area for 20+ years now and with long time businesses such as Joanies and Anthony’s on the main street the addition of new businesses only will drive people to our area.  What does that mean?  There are almost 700 homes 1/2 mile from The Mill Restaurant.  Prices range from $60,000 to $1,700,000.00  There is great opportunity to find your dream home in this area or to buy a rental, flip or investment property.  People love to walk to their local watering hole, restaurants, shops, schools, or church.  This area provides all of that.  It is so unique and as it grows so will the price of homes!  Below is a picture from one of our clients.  Built his home 1 street away.




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